Five Star Award Profiled in Boston Magazine, March 2016 Issue

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BOSTON April 8, 2016 PRLog — Richard St-Laurent, owner of one of the oldest niche registered

investment advisory’s in Boston, North Shore, Saint-Laurent Associates continues accolades after being

awarded the Five Star Wealth Manager designation in 2016, as profiled in Boston Magazine.


“Big Brother”, with its growing surveillance and regulations, is out of control and continues to control more of your life and business than you may ever know.  And what you don’t know can harm you. Every person involved in any process of selecting and implementing retirement benefits plans, needs to know how to protect themselves from personal losses and law suits.  For over 30 years Saint-Laurent Associates has been helping investors and business with every aspect of financial and estate planning.


PROBLEMS OF TRADITIONAL INVESTING, An Industry Slow To Change:  Investment options and reporting for investors, benefits providers, fiduciaries and employers have changed dramatically, yet many in the financial and insurance industry are slow to change accordingly.  In addition, market dynamics are very different and will continue to change.  Data has proven that the old strategies by themselves do not always work.  Therefore, strategies and products need to change with the market place. This means more research, communication and expense dedicated to clients.  Many providers avoid smaller accounts due to low profit potential.  Not at Saint-Laurent Advisors & Associates.  We help find the solutions to fit your needs.


SOLUTION: The Key Is Finding the Proper Vehicle To Solve the Problem:  At Saint Laurent Advisors (SLA), we represent our prospects and clients to find the proper solutions to suit each situation.  This means investors need to partner with advisors that will be ahead of the curve.  As an independent firm we are able to be more proactive and nimble. Therefore, we search out cutting edge strategies and offer alternatives – some not yet understood by most firms but likely to become standard practice.  Unlike traditional brokerage and highly advertised firms, SLA benefits as our clients profit.  Therefore, we are proactive in our suggestions and solutions.  Contrary to what many believe accountants and attorneys are not trained to be proactive and may not understand all the available options to their clients.  Beware the “generalist” advisory, who claims they are “fiduciaries” – there are varying degrees of “fiduciaries”.  Know the types of “fiduciaries designations”, defined by the Department Of Labor and the IRS, and which best suits your objectives.


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