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Custom  Financial Solutions and Experience


Investment Options for Individuals and Benefits Needs for Companies and Employers Have Changed Dramatically, yet many in the financial and insurance industry have yet to change accordingly.  In addition, market dynamics are very different and will continue to change.  Data has proven that the old strategies by themselves do not always work. Therefore, strategies and products need to change with the market place.  This means more research, communication and expense dedicated to clients.  Many providers avoid smaller accounts due to low profit potential.  Not at Saint-Laurent Advisors & Associates.  We help find the solutions to fit your needs.

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SOLUTION: The Key Is Finding the Proper Vehicle To Solve Problem

At Saint Laurent Advisors (SLA), we represent our clients to find the proper solutions to suit each situation. This means investors need to partner with advisors that will be ahead of the curve. As an independent firm we are able to be more proactive and nimble. Therefore, we search out cutting edge strategies and offer alternatives – some not yet understood by most firms but soon to become standard practice. Unlike traditional brokerage and highly advertised firms, SLA benefits as our clients profit. Therefore, we are proactive in our suggestions and solutions. Contrary to what many believe accountants and attorneys are too busy to be proactive and typically do not understand all the available options to their clients.

Experience: Can Make A Great Difference

My father and I combined with our specialized associates all have worked with captive agencies, both large and small, in the past. After realizing this limited our abilities, we now work as the Advisor for the client to find strategies, which best suit their needs. No longer are we or our clients at the mercy of the broker-dealer requirements which could, in some cases, limit investors options and returns. When possible, we now search out, proactively, and perform our own due diligence on strategies and product that we feel our clients need and can not get elsewhere.


Typically, we like to meet a few times, at no charge, before we offer a preliminary report before we complete a subsequent final plan. Our initial meetings help both us as well as the client determine whether we can work well together. Included in these preliminary talks is an indication of what, if anything, the fees will be. Either way prospects will have a clear indication of what we can offer and can take their time to decide whether they want to work together.

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